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ADF4360-0 RF output differential impedance

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADF4360-0
Software Version: N/A

I am currently using an ADF4360-0 as an RF synthesizer. I am summing the differential outputs to a single ended termination using the lumped-lattice LC Balun circuit described in the datasheet in the output matching section. This circuit is designed for a center frequency of 2.6GHz to provide -1dBm of output power. I would like to operate with a lower center frequency (2.55 GHz) and would like to adjust the L and C values of the circuit to provide maximum output power and match to a 50 ohm termination. All design theory around LC Baluns I find require the balanced impedance to define the L and C values, yet that is not listed in the datasheet. Can that be provided or am I missing something here? Thanks in advance,

Adam B