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HMC511LP5E Output Power

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC511LP5E


I am new to RF Designing and I'm using HMC511LP5E (10 GHz RF Synthesizer chip) from Analogue Device. I put the trace shortest and straight to the output connector. the trace impedence is also kept 50ohms. But still I am facing issues regarding it's output power. I have tried that chip on multiple PCBs. On FR4 it is providing approx -10dBm Output power at 9.5GHz and approx 1.5 dBm Output Power on Rogers. while the Datasheet claims 14 dBm Output Power at this frequency range. Can you please help me with your valuable sugestions?

  • Hello Rehan,

    Sone items that might help: 

        1. Supply current compliance limit must be at least 300mA or higher to keep a constant voltage of 5V.

        2. You may increase the VCC to 5.5V (absolute max) to see if it would reach your target output power. 

        3. Unused Fout, Fout/2 must have a 50-ohm termination.

        4. Make sure that at 9.5GHz, the Vtune supply current is sufficient to produce a constant voltage needed for that frequency. 

    Kind Regards,