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adf4355-3 output frequency offset problem.

Category: Software

i am using adf4355-3 evaluation board(both hardware and software) for generating frequencies range from 3581.5- 4781.5 MHz. Problem is at RFOUTA+ i am not getting accurate frequency value and getting offset like 3581.491MHz approx. Also want to know what is the exact ref freq value of 122.88MHz crystal because in spectrum it is showing 122.8780435MHz. Done this value change with temperature conditions? Kindly suggest what is to be done to get exact frequency value through out the band.Thank you ADI team in advance.

  • hi kalupen

    In adf4355-3 evaluation board  ADI used 122.88 crystal with +-50 PPM which causes frequency offset. if you want to get better result use crystal with minimum PPM e.g 0.5,1 PPM . your frequency offset will be in Hertz.. you can also used PPM calculator online to see the offset of crystal according to its PPM.