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How to obtain SEE data for AD9361S for a fee

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9361S-CSH


I could not find the application engineer in charge of AD9361S on Who's Who, so let me ask a question I received from a customer about this product on EZ. I would like to exchange information directly via email with the specific customer name if needed.

The customer would like to obtain a report on radiation resistance when considering the use of the AD9361S-CSH in a device under development. They aware that the High Dose Radiation Report is publicly available as below, but they cannot find the Single Event Effect(SEE, SEFI, SEL) data.

According to the exchange on the following EZ below, they noticed that the data is not publicly available, but can be obtained for a fee. Could you please let me know if the SEE data for AD9361S-CSH is available for this customer for a fee and how exactly to obtain it?

  AD9361S single event effect (SEE, SEFI, SEL ) 

(I posted this question in "Design Support AD9361/AD9363/AD9364" as well.  How to obtain SEE data for AD9361S for a fee .But, I was not sure where to post the question, so I posted this here as well.)