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TINYRAD - Can the FMCW timing of the DemoRad be altered?

Category: Software
Product Number: 24ghz Demorad 1.2.0 Version
Software Version: DemoRadTool-x32.exe

Can the FMCW timing of the DemoRad be altered?

If not,what should I do to be able to configure the relevant timing parameters including chirp repetition interval and chirp duration?

Version: Demorad 1.2.0 

Tai J

included EV_TinyRAD within the title
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  • Thank you very much for your reply, and it has helped me a lot. Besides, I would like to ask a question. Look forward to getting your response.
    Can I use the 24GHz Demorad radar platform to measure the micro-doppler signatures? These micro-doppler signatures include gesture recognition, and detection of vital signs such as breathing and heartbeat.