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ADF4355-3 Bypass VCO calibration

Category: Software
Product Number: ADF4355-3
Software Version: Analog devices ADF4355-3 Evaluation Board control software

hello everyone 

I am trying to bypass VCO auto calibration in ADF4355-3 to achieve faster lock time. for this purpose I followed AN-1353 application note according to this application note the instruction for 


1. Load R0 with AUTOCAL disabled (R0, DB21 = 0b0). This step is optional if AUTOCAL is already disabled.

2. Load R10 with VCO write set to VCO core and band (R10, DB[31:29] = 0b001).

3.Load R11 with VCO core and band, set as defined in Figure 7 and VCO bias code = 2 (normal operation). Note VCO core bits are different for read and write. 

4.Load R10 with VCO write set to VCO bias code (R10, DB[31:29] = 0b011).

5. Lock to desired frequency by programming R2, R1, and R0 in that order.

I have confusion in step 3 about setting VCO core and band. can anyone explain what will be the value of VCO core and VCO band for register 11?