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SDP-Board to ADF41513

Category: Software
Product Number: ADF41513

I have designed a 1 GHz synthesizer using ADF41513. I want  to control it with an eval board of ADF4106 (because it is the one that I have ). I have adjusted ADF4106 eval board to disconnect from ADF4106 and connect it to required pins of ADF41513.  It works once and I could control it but next day, when I turn it on again it doesn't communicate. I am controlling it with ADF41513 software and it keep saying that it cannot detect daughterboard. All the connection has been checked ,ADF41513 is reinstalled but still not working. Also, I noticed that using "Flash SDP light" function in ADF41513 doesn't turn on LED in SDP board but using the same function in ADI PLL Frac-N software work in the setup and LED in SDP board flashes. has anyone have similar issue?

  • Hi Del,

    From your explanation, this has to do with the EEPROM ID mismatch. Since you are using the ADF4106 Evaluation board as your daughter board, you may be restricted to using the ADI PLL Frac-N software to control your eval board. One solution is to use any ADF41513 evaluation board to make the connection on the ADF41513 software, then detach the SDP board and reattach it to the ADF4106 evaluation board making sure that the connection is still active, then you can initialize the ADF4106 board by writing registers.

    You can comment how you get on.


  • HI, 

    Thank you for your answer, I tried what you suggested using ADF41513 evel board and it works. But is there any way to program EEPROM ID through any AD GUI?



  • Hi Del,

    Glad to know that it works.Relaxed Unfortunately, customers cannot reprogram an EEPROM as all EEPROM IDs are unique and assigned to an evaluation board prerelease.



  • Thank you Jude. This EEPROM ID is something that required for ADF41513 GUI to work. Is that right?
    if I manage to program the ADF41513 chip without ADF41513 GUI, EEPROM  ID should not be the problem.

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