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SDP-Board to ADF41513

Category: Software
Product Number: ADF41513

I have designed a 1 GHz synthesizer using ADF41513. I want  to control it with an eval board of ADF4106 (because it is the one that I have ). I have adjusted ADF4106 eval board to disconnect from ADF4106 and connect it to required pins of ADF41513.  It works once and I could control it but next day, when I turn it on again it doesn't communicate. I am controlling it with ADF41513 software and it keep saying that it cannot detect daughterboard. All the connection has been checked ,ADF41513 is reinstalled but still not working. Also, I noticed that using "Flash SDP light" function in ADF41513 doesn't turn on LED in SDP board but using the same function in ADI PLL Frac-N software work in the setup and LED in SDP board flashes. has anyone have similar issue?

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