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MAX3645 or MAX3969 Alternative

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX3645, MAX3969

I am looking for alternatives for the MAX3645 and MAX3969 Limiting Amplifiers (both products are Not Recommended for New Designs)
But I haven't found other products with an input sensitivity comparable to the MAX3645 (500μV with BER = 10^-12) or MAX3969 (slightly worse), all other products are much less sensitive and we really need to work with input levels as low as 0.8mV.
We are not using them in an optical system as intended, therefore the additional functionality (LOS / Squelch function or RSSI indicator on the MAX3969) is not really needed.
Are there plans for a replacement with similar or even better characteristics or could another IC perform the task?

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    Maxim Integrated products are not supported on EngineerZone at this time. Please visit one of the support sites listed below for assistance with Maxim Integrated products. For more information…

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