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Testing Support for ADL5380

Product Number: ADL5380


We are using an ADL5308 EVAL board. For following test condition:
1)LO: 900MHz (0dBm)
2)RF: 904.5MHz (-20dBm)
3)IF: 4.5MHz
1)We are connecting the QHI and IHI ports to the spectrum analyzer to check the IF signal at 4.5MHz. Instead of getting gain we are getting Loss of -7dBm to -10dBm. Is the voltage conversion gain mentioned at the datasheet(Pg.No3), specific to each channel(QHI,QLO,IHI and ILO) or is it a combined gain from both Q and I Channel. If so, what is the gain on the individual line/output? 
2) If TC9-1 (Ballun) is used then, should we mount R7x and R6x? If so what is the value of the same to be populated in-order to observe a 50 ohm signal at QHI and IHI?
3) If we wish to bypass the TC9-1 (Ballun). What should be the value of R6x and R7x to be mounted, in order to see the 50 ohm impedance at each line (for example: IHI and ILO should be 50 ohm each). 
4) How is the value of R6x and R7x is calculated for both the conditions?
5) Can we use the device to obtain IF signal in 1KHz-999KHz range? If so, what is the gain? 
6) Kindly provide the evaluation board test report and procedures to be followed