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ADAR1000 - Receive section GAIN in RevB datasheet

Product Number: ADAR1000


I was find revision datatsheet from A to B.   I need to update RX Gain budget in my system path. I wonder if there is a  between how to measure the three Gain items. (6 page) 

Also, I read remark on the datasheet, but I didn't understand it.

Especially, how do you check Rx Gain budget for number 3?

1. Maximum single channel gain 7dB  (ex. Rxin0 Input :0 dB,   Rxin1,2,3 : Termination,  RF_IO output : 7dB) 

2. Maximum Electronic gain 13dB    (ex. Rxin0 Input :0 dB,   Rxin1,2,3 : open,  RF_IO output : 13dB) 

3. Maximum Coherent gain 19dB     (ex. Rxin0, 1, 2, 3 Input :0 dB,  RF_IO output :19dB)

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