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EVAL-HMC625B development kit output not working.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-HMC625B

Hey all,

I am trying to run the development kit EVAL-HMC625B for integrating the HMC625B in to my project.

I connected the card as described in the picture and I inject a sine signal with a frequency of 10M Hz and an ampltude of 1V ptp.

At the output of the circuit I measure with a scope and see a somewhat distorted signal with an amplitude of 40 mV (When the switches are set to maximum gain).

Am I doing something wrong?? Did I miss something?
(I checked that PS is connected to GND and LE is connected to VDD).

I would be very happy for your help! Thanks in advance!

correcting the parameters.
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    Your power supply connections look good. 10MHz is too low frequency for this evaluation board due to series capacitors.

    HMC625B is not truly DC-coupling amplifier. only way to go to near DC…

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