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HMC7044 system initialization is Volatile/Non-volatile

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC7044


I am using HMC7044.I was going through the Programming sequence mentioned in datasheet, after programming PLL1,PLL2 and the output clocks, we would give a soft reset and following that would initiate calibration.

I just wanted to know that if I perform a power cycle(turn the chip off/on) at this moment, will the programmed values still exist on the HMC registers, or would have to follow the same steps mentioned the sequence and perform calibration once again. So is the HMC memory(system initiation) volatile/Non-volatile?

After programming the PLL1,PLL2 and the output clocks if we restart/reset the system, won't it affect the values I programmed before?(although data sheet does not tells me this to happen, but just wanted to make sure).