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ADRF5020 switching performance

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRF5020


I would like to know what is the switching time of this SPDT with reference to enable as I couldn't find out the graph in datasheet.

In datasheet it was mentioned that switching time is 20ns but I am getting 500us. Please suggest me.

Condition under test is: Maximum continuous operating hot switching CW power

  • Hello,

    Settling time is defined from control signal %50 to 0.1 dB of final RF output.
    We don't expect any settling time difference between Enable pin and control pin and it should be typically 20 ns.
    Be sure control signal reference. Assume your ctrl signal is delayed due to RC delay and you'd be using the wrong reference.

    Please be aware maximum hot switching power derates with the low frequency, see figure 4 in the datasheet. You should apply below 21 dBm below 250 MHz according to the derating plot.

    Do you measure correct insertion loss & correct DC currents on the supply? 

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. I am applying below 21dbm power only

    2. switch was not giving correct insertion loss. As per the circuit which I have shared here, with that I got 5dbm insertion loss and after tuning it was giving 3db insertion loss.

    And, please clear me one thing i.e., Can Vss be grounded?(0.2V) 

    I am not giving negative power supply to the SPDT as someone mentioned in this forum that it can be grounded. I have tried to test the switching in both the conditions(by giving -2.5V to Vss and 0V also). 

    For reference signal, I am using AD8317 Power detector. Please look at the below image, Violet line indicates control signal and yellow line indicates switch output.

  • You should apply -2.5V to Vss for the specified switching times. Additionally, there will be significant power handling derating with the single supply operation (Vss=0). You shouldn't apply 21 dBm hot switching input with Vss=0

    Please take a look at the application note prepared for HMC1118's single supply operation. This will give an insight on the single supply operation of ADRF5020 as well.
    AN-1440 (Rev. A) (

  • Thankyou for your information.