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ADL5902 Pin test condition of Output Noise, Rise and Fall Times vs. CLPF Capacitance ?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADL5902

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Regarding the ADL5902 data sheet test conditions.

Which input level is correct, 0dBm or -10dBm ?

Figure 46. Output Noise, Rise and Fall Times vs. CLPF Capacitance, SingleCarrier W-CDMA (TM1-64) at 2.14 GHz with PIN = 0 dBm

Figure 46 also shows how CLPF affects the response time of VOUT.
To measure this, a RF burst at 2.14 GHz at −10 dBm was applied to the ADL5902. The 10% to 90% rise time and 90% to 10% fall time is then measured.

Figure 48. Residual Ripple, Rise and Fall Times Using an RC Low-Pass Filter at VOUT, PIN = 0 dBm at 2.14 GHz

Figure 48 shows the resulting rise and fall times (signal is pulsed between off and −10 dBm) with CLPF equal to 10 nF.

A 2 kΩ resistor is placed in series with the VOUT pin, and the capacitance from this resistor to ground (CFILTER in Figure 47) is varied up to 1 μF.

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