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AD8362 Pin test condition of Residual Ripple, Rise and Fall Time vs. Filter Capacitance ?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD8362

Hi all,

Regarding the AD8362 datasheet.
Figure 52. Residual Ripple, Rise and Fall Time vs. Filter Capacitance, Single Carrier W-CDMA Input Signal, Test Model 1-64

There is no mention of input signal level conditions in Figure 52.
What is the Pin input level?

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  • Hello sss,

    Sorry, we don't have the specific RF input power level used for the ripple and rise/fall times testing.

    Please note, in normal operation having RF input power within the RF power measurement range of the device, the front end RF attenuator setting is automatically servo'ed by closed-loop feedback action. This keeps RF power out of the attenuator held relatively constant. Hence RF power into the RF square cell is also relatively constant. This will tend to keep output ripple also relatively constant, independent of RF drive level.