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HMC788A Power Amplifier Problem

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC788A
Software Version: --


We're using HMC788A amplifier for amplification of LTE signals but the amplifier doesn't provide any gain. 

We're measuring same power level at input and output of amplifier. 

Could it be damaged or related with topology/ layout etc. ? 

You can see out schematic and layout pics from attachments.


We're using AD9361 reference design until hmc788A Power Amplifier.

Actually, I think we have faced with the problem in this thread but nobody suggest a proper  solution except inductor selection.

 RE: HMC788A damaged 

What is exact solution for our problems.

Thanks you 

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  • The exposed paddle at the bottom of the package  must be soldered to the ground plane both for electrical grounding and proper thermal transfer of heat out of the device. This is stated in the HMC788A data sheet.

    Were MSL3 handling procedures followed?


    Jim B