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ADF4372 spurious issue due to divider setting

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADF4372 EVAL board
Software Version: ACE 1.22.3063.1372(x64)

Hello, I'm RF engnieer.

I have tested ADF4372 EVAL board to generate 2680.5MHz.

PFD frequency is 100MHz, VCO output frequency is 5361MHz, Divider setting is 2

The rest settings are the ACE program default settings.

spurious is output at 2680.5MHz and 5361MHz frequncies. 

spurious keep moving left and right. Blue line is maxhold value.

Divider settings 2 and 4, spurious are output.

If change the setting of the divider to 1, the spurious disappears.

The only difference is the divider setting.

2680.5MHz is a specially generated frequency.

It also reduce spuious by SDM or changing FRAC2 to 0

SDM operates differently for each frequency, and changing FRAC2 to 0 causes the frequency to shift.

I guess is that the divider setting affects spurious.

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