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AD9166 plus ADS7-V2EB

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9166 DAC


I am using and ADS7 FPGA board and an AD9166 DAC board. The software I am using to control both is the AD ACE (analysis control evaluation) plus the DPG Downloader software.

My issue is the DAC has an Reference input which can be derived from the onboard clocks or an external clock. 

I am trying to change from all internal clocking to internal clocking + external ref clock via J61

My questions are

(1) Which resistors do I need to change the position of to connect the external clock, on the schematic it is not too clear

(2) Can the external clock be a 10MHz reference from a sig gen or similar.

The issue I have is that I am using an FDAC frequency of 6GHz which is an input to the HMC7044 but this too high for the on board HMC7044 clock generation circuit which is limited to 3.2GHz



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  • In both cases I can see the required output but with the All internal clocking setting, the system crashes after a couple of minutes. Also I can see the sync status as locked in both cases. This stops when the system crashes.

    So my question is, 

    Is it ok to set board clocking scheme to Internal clock plus Ext Ref clock (10MHz 0dBm), via J61 and not change any of the 0 Ohm links, plus do I need to add any further ref signals with this scheme