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Questions about low frequency use of HMC984

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC984LP4E

Hello everyone, we have a question about the lower limit of the operating frequency of the HMC984.
First of all, we want to use it as a phase detector of two low-frequency signals (between 30kHz and 200kHz). We noticed that in both HMC983 and HMC984, the frequency range of the input signal in the manual table (page 2) is marked from DC, which is what we want. But the HMC984 manual  page 18  "Reference Path 'R' Divider" writes "The minimum reference frequency can be as low as 100 kHz provided that sharp rise and fall times (less than 500 ps) are guaranteed."
So we have two questions:
1)  Can pin14 XREFP of HMC984LP4E  only have a square wave signal with a frequency higher than 100kHz? And the phase detection is not effective for signals below 100kHz?
2) Does the frequency input range of another signal of the HMC984LP4E(pin 3 and 4)have the same limitation? Do low-frequency signals such as 100kHz also need a square wave input?

thanks. Looking forward to your reply.

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