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HMC361S8GE N/C pins

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC361S8GE


    The datasheet of HMC361S8G/361S8GE mentioned that the pin2 and pin6 are N/C pins and must not be grounded. What if these pins are grounded? May it caused the failure of HMC361S8GE or just get bad performance? The gerber of eval-hmc361s8g seems that the pin6 is grounded, so it means that pin6 can be grounded?

  • Hi,

    On the schematic for the customer eval board of HMC361S8GE it shows that both pins are not connected. 

    As noted in an article Unused Pins 

    'it is by no means unusual for NC to mean that the terminal carries an internal connection that is used during manufacture for calibration or test but must not be connected to anything during normal use'

    So this could cause the part not to work in normal use if these pins are grounded.