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Vtune out-of-spec of HMC733

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC733

Hi, all. We're developing a frequency synthesizer using HMC733 and ADF41513.

HMC733 datasheet promise around Vtune of 18V for output of 20 GHz. But we observed 21.2 V for output of 20 GHz.

(we measure Vtune and output freq. as dot in the illustration above)

Does out-of-spec Vtune affect output power? The output power is -8.2 dBm after power splitter(EP2k-19+) and dc-block cap.

We would also like to check if this is caused by device aging. The lot number is HV64.

  • We have also seen this high tune voltage. Normally, higher Vt is not an issue, but with these devices, the higher Vt  parts, the Vt will change or drift over time. Typically with Vt >20V@20GHz, the part will continue to drift higher over time/ /temp. We replace any parts that require >20V to tune to 20GHz (or is seen to drift) as we have seen most of these will continue to drift up in voltage exceeding our circuit limits. So far only about 5% of the parts have experiences the higher Vt voltages and drift. We have seen 23V @20GHz.  We have not seen this drift from parts that are typically Vt=18V. Also, the drift does not seem to ever stabilize or stop.

    You may want to let the circuit run over nite and see if the Vt  is drifting.

  • Hi,

    This may be a part related issue. Please initiate a return in order to perform an FA. 



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