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ADF4159 - Hardware and Software setup

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EV-ADF4159EB3Z

Hi all,

We are working with ADF4159 product and trying to setup a FMCW triangular waveform, centered at 12.075 GHz, 200 MHz Bandwidth for a pulse duration of 2*250 µs (250 µs rising frequencies then 250 µs decreasing frequencies).

With the eval board default values of components for loop filter (page 4 of ug-383.pdf), we see in AdiSimPLL that we may have frquency errors : 

With ADISimPLL we see that we should changes these components values, such as in screenshot below :

We also found the software parameters to apply 100

However, when doing so, then the output signal does not match at all the expected waveform : we get fixed frequency instead of FM and reciprocally. It looks the PLL is not in the right mode.

Do you have any feedback ?

What should we on the hardware and/or the software parameters in order to get the expected waveform (specificied at the beginning of this post) ?

Thanks in advance for the help !

Best regards