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About C7 and C8 of ADL5303-EVALZ

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADL5303


I have a question about ADL5303-EVALZ.
When I checked the data sheet, C7 and C8 of the evaluation board were OPEN, but C7 and C8 were mounted on the actual evaluation board.

Please tell me the capacity of the mounted capacitor.

I would be grateful if you could reply.

Best Regards,

  • Hello Knj,

    A couple years ago, the ADL5303 Eval board was revised to remove those capacitors. You might have an old board, prior to the revision. And if I recall correct, they were large capacitors, approx. 100nF.

    If you choose to keep these large capacitors in-circuit, may we suggest installing the series resistors R21 and R22, to help isolate the heavy capacitive loading from the IC. This is most important for the buffered VOUT signal, since the internal op-amp does not always function well when driving heavy capacitive loads.  -Bruce H.