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stepped attenuator in RF chain justification

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC424ALH5, HMC3587LP3BE, HMC441LC3B
Software Version: ADIsimRF, ADS,


I am designing the RF part of the transmitter chain shown in the figure below. The signal level measured from the modulator's output ranges of -30 dBm. This design aims to amplify this signal and deliver variable power in the range of 37-40 dBm to the antenna. To achieve this goal, HMC3587LP3BE amplifiers have been used as gain blocks; the driver amp is HMC441LC3B and also qorvuqpa1011 is used as the power amplifier. In this chain, an HMC424ALH5 stepped attenuator has been used to change the power level. Since this stepped attenuator has an acceptable attenuation resolution, Is the use of this attenuator in this scheme justifiable?

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  • HMC424AG16 is specified from DC to 3 GHz. HMC424ALH5 is specified from DC to 13 GHz. I'm surprised that two parts with the same root part number (HMC424) have such different frequency ranges. Anyway, if you use HMC424ALH5, then it will, as you say, cover your 8 GHz operating frequency. 

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