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Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT5512

Hello, I want to inquire about some questions about the LT5512 chip.My problem is that the LT5512 does not have a differential and sum frequency signal in the output signal, but there is a multiplier signal.What should I do to resolve this problem? Thank you.

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  • Hello.

    You are right, there is not only RF-LO and RF+LO signal but other mixing spurious. Their level you can learn in datasheet on the page 5. The unwanted mixing product can get into IF bandwidth thus you must carefully design your frequency plan in order to prevent such issue. Input RF preselector must suppress sufficiently the interferers, for broadband applications the preselector is usually not simple and contains tunable or switchable filters. Input RF level plays also role. 

  • Hello,but there is not RF-LO and RF+LO signal .What should I do to resolve this problem?Thank you.

  • Did you check basic DC bias characteristic in order to ensure the component if not damaged? E.g. DC bias current?  DC voltage at RF, LO, IF pins? (Both RF pins shall be DC grounded, LO pins...~2V, IF pins...Vcc). Is LO power within valid level limits? Check also harmonic content of LO input signal, it must be clean enough, let say -20dBc or better? Do not overload mixer at the RF port to keep the RF port in linear region.