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HMC439 use as frequency Comaprison

Category: Software
Product Number: hmc439

Hi, I want to use HMC439 and Loop Filter to compare two frequencies. I do not want to use VCO. 

The idea is to input two different frequencies to HMC439 then use a loop filter and read the output voltage of loop filter to draw the comparison between the input frequencies.

Can i do it using HMC439 because in doing so, i will not be using VCO and hence loop is not closed.

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  • Thank you Aandrews.

    The output of mixer will be an IF frequency and i want a DC Voltage so i think mixer cannot be used.

    One more thing i want to ask is Lets say my Reference is 100 MHz and Input Frequency varies from 130 to 140 MHz. Will i be able to detect error voltage change as input frequency changes with 1MHz step

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