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No output from eval board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADF41020
Software Version: ADI-N PLL ver 7.7.4

I have received the evaluation board of ADF41020 recently. When I follow the user guide with the default setting, I cannot observe any output from the board. What should I do in this situation? Thanks

  • Set muxout control in bottom right of software to Dvdd, see if you can observe high logic on board muxout test point with multimeter. Repeat but with muxout set to gnd and check for low. This confirms device is powered up and your serial interface is working.

    If not then there could be some driver issue or a faulty board.

    If this test works, then set muxout to N divider and R divider and connect a scope to muxout test point. You should observe pulses at the PFD frequency. N counter will have much smaller duty cycle. If these are present then device is likely okay, could be a problem with your loop filter. If nothing here then check your VCO and reference signals

  • The high and low logic is achieved. However, there is no reading from my scope when I change to N divider and R divider.  

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