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Power supply spec

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: HMC960

Hi Experts:

We have some question about power supply spec for HMC960. 

Now the power design of HMC960 is divided into two sources, VDDI and VDDQ use one LDO, DVDD uses one LDO. Could you please provide

  1. How much PSRR does LDO recommend?
  2. How much power consumption does on DVDD?


  • Hi brantchen,

    1. Probably this is dependent on what the power source you are using it like the switching regulator IC. It is the ripple/noise source, and then you might have some requirements on how much noise vs frequency on the amplifier output your system can tolerate, and then you can see requirements of LDO.

    2. I could not find any information on current consumptions of DVDD. it seems that we always tied DVDD with other supplied, but I could probed 1ohm resistor, R4, on DVDD line to monitor the voltage drop, it showed around 1mA. If you have our Eval board with you, you can also check it out.



  • Hi Nao:

    Appreciate your prompt reply. I'll check design with your suggestion.

    I have other question. Since this part is going to EOL, is there any alternative part could be replace? Or any roadmap to have new part?


  • Hi brantchen

    ADL5206 is one of the recommended part for HMC960.


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