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ADL6010 bare die temperature range

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADL6010 Die

The packaged variants of the ADL6010 comparator include devices that are rated for a -55C to +125C temperature range.  There is also a space qualified version of this device (ADL6010s-DIE) that is rated for -55C to +125C.  I need a die part with a -55C to at least 100C rating, but do not need the space related screening.  Is there a version of the ADL6010 Die that meets my needs?

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  • Hello StrmBrkr,

    Just confirming, is it a ADL6010 RF Envelope Detector IC you are looking for? Above I'm seeing Comparator, then Temp sensor. Just checking. 

    We do NOT have 125 deg C die version except for the space-qualified unit as you mention.

    We do have LTC5596 and LTC5597 available in die and may work for your application. These are rms detectors and have a few us response time, so much slower than ADL6010.    -Bruce H. 

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