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ADF4371 Phase Noise


I have simulated the phase noise of AD4371 to output LO signal between 11-11.5GzHz. ADISIM File attached. 

The LO is applied to ADMV1017 which goes through x2 or x4 LO Multiplier which degrades the phase noise. 

I like to improve the phase noise of the LO coming out of ADF4371. Can someone please advise how can I improve the phase noise? 

Thank you.

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  • Hello

    Thank you for confirming.  Is there a way to improve phase noise even more using higher pfd in integer-n mode for my application?

    I modified the file I attached in using 5610 in the simulation.  It gave slightly better phase noise at some offsets 100kHz loop BW.

    I am confused why 5610 is slightly better as FOM is worse than 4371. Could you please explain why?