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Hello ADI

Our customer has a question for AD8351.

A calculated Av(dB) value does not match GAIN(dB) on the figure 38.

This calculated Av(dB) is used for the part of "GAIN ADJUSTMENT" of page12 on the data sheet.

For example, a calculated Av was 23.84 dB when RL=150 ohm, RG=10 ohm, Rf=350 ohm.(GAIN on the figure 38 is about 25 dB)

How do we need to understand this calculation?

For example we made graph for Av vs RG.

(RL=150 ohm/500 ohm ,Rf=350 ohm for internal , and we calculate for RG(5.6)=RG*5.6) .

But these calculated Av(dB) is a little smaller than data on the figure 38. (please see to attachment)


Best regards


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