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HMC553ALC3B model on ADIsimRF

Hi support,

I cannot find the HMC553ALC3B model on ADIsimRF v2.0.0.16, deployment, databese 2.00.014.

How can I simule the component in a RX downconversion chain (fRF=9400MHz, fLO=7500MHz)?

Thank you

  • Hi, you have a couple of options. You could pick a similar part such as HMC554 which has a minimum input frequency of 10 GHz. If you select this part and type in a frequency of 9400 MHz, the tool will accept this (it will give you a warning message) and will use the data it has at 10 GHz. The second option is to create a custom part. The process for doing this is described in one of the help menu items. Make sure you are in receive mode before you start the process (so that you can save the device as a "Mixer (Rx)"

  • Ok, I did my own part as you suggest.

    My curiosity, why does ADIsimRF not invole the HMC553ALC3B model?

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