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Hello.I have two questions. please tell me.

Question1:Can you provide the maximum input power to the RF terminal of the following products?

       Or can I use it even if +10dBm is input to the RF terminal without any damage?




Question2:The HMC-MDB277 can be used between 70GHz and 90GHz. Is there any reference characteristics for 60GHz-90GHz?

Best regards.

  • Hello Baggio,

    Q1.  Typically for these single function mixers the Max LO power dictates the total power into the mixer. I would advise that the total power into the part whether it is in the RF or LO port not exceed that maximum input power. As that power is distributed within the diodes within the mixer core.

    Q2. We do not have any swept data below 70GHz for the LO-port or RF-port. We do have Conversion Loss Upconverter Data for LO(Input)=61.5GHz, IF(Driver)=18GHz and RF(Output)=79.5GHz. This data shows Conversion Loss vs LO(Input) Power @ LO Freq of 61.5GHz.