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Problems when connecting DC2847A debug kit (ADL5920 )


There were problems connecting the DC2847A debug kit.

All the required software (ltcqev.exe and ins5596.msi) was successfully installed on PC with Windows 10. The JP3 "I/O VOLTAGE SELECTION" power selection jumper on the DC2026C board is set to EXT, as instructed in the DC2847A kit manual. The jumper of the ADL5920 JP1 development board is set according to the instructions in the manual for the DC2847A kit (it is simply installed to connect 2 pins together). The debug kit is powered through the power supply that comes with the kit. The debug kit is connected to the computer via the supplied USB cable. A 50 ohm attenuator is installed on the J2 connector of the ADL5920 development board, and an SMB100A generator with a signal level of -30dBm is connected to the J1 connector. When the program starts, windows that are not listed in the manual are launched:

After pressing the "Read" button, a message is displayed, indicated in the photo (at the top):

Restarting the software, computer, debug kit, reinstalling the software did not help. Could you suggest what could be the issue?

I would like to understand whether I am connecting something incorrectly or something with a debug board, because there are deviations in the operation of the software from that described in the manual.