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Analog Devices Case (SR-232647-J5Y3G6)

We have purchased VCO's from you.

EV-ADF5709 VCO (9-23GHZ) & 

108646 VCO (6-12GHz)

Issues Observed:

  1. Giving harmonics near to fundamental
  2. Output power not as per the specifications given in data sheet

Test Set-up and Test results posted for your reference.

Kindly check and advice necessary plan of action.

Parents Reply
  • Hi,  Sorry just back from the holiday break.  It looks like that supply is better than the previous supply but is still inducing spurious content.  The ppd3003 specs indicate 3mvpp ripple.  However, the LT3045, or LT3042 can suppress supply ripple 50 to 100dB depending on the frequency offset.  This would put the supply ripple down to the single digit uVpp range (1000x improvement), which would improve the spurious content great.

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