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ADF4159 eval board eeprom

Hello Everyone. 

I have the ADF4159 evaluation board, and i have made a custom implementation of it. I want to use the ADF4159 PLL software. The evaluation board uses a Cypress CY7C68013 usb controller to program the registers. The same controller uses an eeprom to load some settings. 

I have been looking and trying for the last 3-4 hours about how to program the eeprom to now avail. The closest was that thread: with the equivalent title, but the answer doesn't appear to be valid anymore. 

On that answer, 3 things are provided. EEPROM programmer link and screenshot with settings. Unfortunately neither the programmer works, neither the screenshot is anywhere to be found. 

With that being said i found the eeprom programmer which crashes instantly on windows 10.

Can anyone provide a working proceduce on what to do?, where to find the eeprom programmer, and most importantly where to find the file to be programmed on the eeprom.