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I think I can use the LTC5598 as a phase shifter, but if I want to output 13.56MHz RF output with a phase change of XX° to RF input 13.56MHz,

what signals should I input to BBPI, PPMI, BBPQ and PPMQ?

  0deg・・・ BBPI(+):1.0V、BBMI(-):0.0V、BBPQ(+):0.5V、BBMQ(-):0.5V

 90deg・・・ BBPI(+):0.5V、BBMI(-):0.5V、BBPQ(+):1.0V、BBMQ(-):0.0V

180deg・・・ BBPI(+):0.0V、BBMI(-):1.0V、BBPQ(+):0.5V、BBMQ(-):0.5V

270deg・・・ BBPI(+):0.5V、BBMI(-):0.5V、BBPQ(+):0.0V、BBMQ(-):1.0V

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eed an answer fast.
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