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HMC675LC3C - Track Mode & Analog Comparator


I used a HMC675LC3C as Analog Comparator High Speed.

The input INP receive an adjustable DC  signal  (0V to -0.75V) and the input INN  a burst of negatives pulses . Pulses are 600ps width.

I would compare these 2 signals to obtain an output signal.

The Voltage Input Terminal VTx is put to the ground.

I used track mode (LE & LE_bar) floating.

Power are : Vcci 3.3V;  Vcco : GND;  Vee: -3V   . The measured current are 10mA on Vee

The level on each output is to ground.  I am not seing any signal with my scope (Scope input DC 50R)

I am so confused.  Can TRACK mode be permantly floatting?  Must VTx pin must be ground or put to a 2V level votage.

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