ADF5610 EVB - example using ACE


I am evaluating ADF5610 Using ACE software.

After reading this guide:

I want to be able to lock on some frequencies, and read back the appropriate sub-band.

Unfortunately, when i type RF VCO (MHz) = 6000, RFOUT = 12000 MHz, and press "Write all registers", the VCO jumps to 12Ghz, but the frequency is not locked.

Autocalibration (REG 0A,BIT 11 = 0) is on.

Are there any other registers I need to change to be able to lock on frequency?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 7, 2021 9:17 AM


    1. Can you provide your register values by going to the memory map and choosing 'Export' in the top banner. 

    2. Are you using the default board configuration? (50MHz VCXO). If not, can you provide the reference details. 

    3. Are you observing the frequency not locking on the spectrum analyzer or is just by looking at the lock detect signal?

    4. Are you using the correct connect/init sequence as per steps 1-6