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ADF5356-Issues with frequencies above 4 GHz

Hi there,

I was just testing out a custom ADF5356 board and was experiencing significant power loss after 4 GHz.

The custom board is essentially a copy of the evaluation board, with a few minor differences to fill a different need. There are 2 points I am interested in:

1--> @4.8GHz

2--> @roughly 9.5GHz

The power reading @ 4.8GHz is similar to that experienced by the evaluation board, but the power reading @ 9.5GHz jumps from -9DBm (eval board) to -24dbm (custom board). I have been trying to perform a number of troubleshooting procedures to try and identify what the problem is and whether or not the chip used is faulty or if there is a problem on my end.  

I have already ensured that the register 6 settings are as they should be and was hoping you might be able to give me more insight on this problem. I can include more details on the board itself if you are interested. 

I have gone through various forums and have found others with 'similar' issues and I have tried to ensure that those were either tested by us or had already been accounted for.

Thank you very much,

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated