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ACE does not recognize ADMV1014-EVALZ

Hi all, 

I have 9 ADMV1014-EVALZ but ACE (1.23.3085.133, 64 bits) does not recognize any of them. I installed the ACE ADMV1014-1014 plugin using the plug-in Manager, no problem.

When I connect the ADMV1014 board to the computer using the USB, the system (Windows Device Manager) recognizes it assigning the driver ADMV1014-05188 RevA but with an exclamation mark (!) showing there is a problem. I start ACE and nothing happens, ACE does not recognize the board, any of them. "Refresh Attached Hardware" button, no result. Nothing. When "Acquire hardware" on the ADMV1014 ACE plugin, I get "State = Unavailable". 

Then, I hypothesized that there is a problem with the ADMV1014 driver, so I download the ADMV1014 specific driver linked in its webpage (, which contains a single file named ADR6780EvaluatonBoardUSBDriver). I installed the driver, and the system (Windows Device Manager) detects the boards as High-Speed DAC USB Evaluation Board (v2), but no exclamation marks. 

Then I start the ACE again , and still nothing. Followed all the instructions, installed an reinstalled 5 times, used 2 laptops, always same results. 
What I am doing wrong? My wild guess would be that there is something wrong with the drivers or ACE? I have a colleague of mine who installed the software 2 months ago and it works as a charm in his laptop. 

Any suggestions? 


  • Hi XB,

    Please try this work around for the drivers and also make sure the ACE version is the latest.


    In order to install the drivers for the evaluation board, please go to the Drivers folder in the ACE installation folder -by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Analog Devices\ACE\Drivers.


    Launch SDPDrivers.exe and when prompted, select the ADI PIC option – see screenshot below:


    After installation of the drivers, you can connect the evaluation board to your machine.

    ACE should now be able to detect the evaluation board.



    If this does not work please post the same question here: