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input and output impedance matching of ADL8150

Recently I bought some ADL8150 and want to use it to amplify the signal at a single frequency 10.24GHz. However the S11 and S22 of ADL8150 is not so good whose value at 10.24GHz is -10dB and -6dB respectively.(S11: -10dB, S22:-6dB). Is the S-Parameter file that you provide tested from the evaluate-board that takes the input and output transmission lines into account? If so,  how could I remove the impact of input and output transmission lines in a smith chart to accurately match the impedance to 50Ω at 10.24GHz? Or you could just teach me how to match the input and output impedance to 50Ω at 10.24GHz so that ADL8150 could better amplify the 10.24GHz signal. I am not good at impedance matching. Look forward to your guidance and suggestions!

  • Hi little_rabbit,

                             The ADL8150 is internally matched to 50 ohms. Mostly likely the match will not improve by adding external components.  The S-parameter file on the web has the reference plane at the connectors, The S21 magnitude has the insertion loss of the input/output traces subtracted out. To remove the transmission line effects  the input and output traces would need to be characterized and then mathematically removed in design software such as: Keysight's ADS. Alternatively if you have access to a PNA-X vector network analyzer that has the AFR option installed you may characterize the thru line provided on the EVB and apply the results to the measurement of the amplifier directly.

    Once you know what impedance you are trying to match, using simulation software you can add induct, capacitor and transmission line models to the simulation to achieve the desired match.


    Jim B