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ADL5205 - Output Voltage Swing and Output Current

Dear ADI Support Team,

I would like to understand how did you measure the P1dB=+17dBm (exact freq point is not important)? There is confusion present, since the datasheet gives data for the chip itself and the eval board (S parameters) includes output 50R resistors on each output - am I right? So what was used for the P1dB measurement?

In addition, the figures for the output voltage swing of 5.4Vpp (4.5Vpp) defined at P1dB and the Zload=200Ohm and the short-circuit current do not match at all. Maybe I'm missing something here?

OK, let's see: 5.4Vpp on 200R equals 27mA, but the short circuit current is only 22mA. Please help...

Thank you and best regards,


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