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Ask questions about ADL5240

Hi, About ADL5240,I have some questions to ask: 1. As you know, it is not recommended for new design, do you have any new part to replace this part? 2. With the evaluation board, if the operating frequency is from 950MHz to 2150MHz, how to select the inductance L1 correctly? Would you please give some advices? Thanks!

  • HI Jerry,

    You can check HMC742A and HMC625B if it meets your requirement.

    The best way to check the cascaded performance vs. DSA Attenuation is by ADIsimRF. There are two model for ADL5240, ADL5240AMP and ADL5240DSA. You can select ADL5240DSA at different attenuation. Below is the screenshot at max attenuation. You can find the cascaded performance at below.




    Hope this helps.


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  • In every schematic in the datasheet, L1 is 470 nH.  The entire loop filter components are always the same.  On page 24, Table 8 it states….

     The bias for the amplifier comes through L1 when VCC is connected to a 5 V supply.
    L1 should be high impedance for the frequency of operation while providing low
    resistance for the dc current

     I would stick with the 470 nH in all cases.  Otherwise they can simulate the response in ADS.

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