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hmc769 output is sweep signal,but i want a single point signal

hello,i am using hmc769 to get 9840MHz in integer pd is 30mhz, ref is 60mhz,but i got a sweep signal ,not a single point signal as i wanted .my registers data is follow:

reg00   20
reg01   4
reg02  2
reg03  82
reg04  0
reg05  ca8642
reg06  3d3e
reg07  4865
reg08  36fff
reg09  3fff
reg0b  1e070
reg0e  0
reg0f   1
  • Hi,

    Your settings look correct, I could not find any significant wrong setting. Better to set Register-6 bit-13 to '0' to disable DSM clock, but that should not cause such an issue, but can you change that anyway?

    The example register configuration can be found in the related folder when the evaluation software is installed. There are a few differences with the datasheet and the example configuration. Can you please try changing your settings by using that file as a reference?

    Regards, Kazim

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.My question had been solved.The reason was not the setting on register, it was loop which was setted irrelevantly.