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Connecting two ADRF5026 in series

When connecting two ADRF5026-EVALZ MPN in series, VDD started drawing more current and both the switches went to OFF(Isolation) state. And its in OFF state since then, I'm thinking something has damaged the switches. What went wrong? or Is it okay to connect two in series? or Is there a way to connect them in series? and Is there a way to rectify the damaged switches?

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  • Using three separate DC supplies should not be a problem, but please make sure they have the same GND with the GND of ADRF5026. EN pin should be GND otherwise ADRF5026 will always be in isolation mode. I would suggest you test one ADRF5026 EVALZ and follow the bias sequence  VDD->VSS->CTRL. If you see no problem for your setup, then it should work for two ADRF5026 in series.

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