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ADL5513 with Vdd=3.3V and Tadj

Hi all,

We will like to use the ADL5513 logarithmic detector with a 3.3V supply voltage, in the frequency range between 2.6 and 3GHz.

According to Figure 21 of the datasheet, it seems to behave the same with variations on the power supply voltage, at least in 1900MHz.

In Figure 10 of the datasheet, the measurement conditions are Vdd=5V and Vtadj=0.83V. To my understanding of the text under the tittle "Device calibration", this value of Vtadj is optimized for 85°C, is this correct?

To optimize operation at 25°C, the pin Vtadj should be let open? (we are not using the disable feature).

Is Vtadj dependant of the supply voltage?

Best Regards,

Santiago Calvo