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HMC472A performance at 10MHz

I would like to use this part over the 10 to 150 MHz range.  Here are my questions:

Q1:  The graphs on the HMC472A show some fairly serious deviations from ideal in the "Bit Error vs. Frequency" plots at low frequency (10-50MHz).  How were these plots measured?  Is the response shown that of the part itself, only, or was the application circuit in the datasheet used.  That has 1000pF blocking caps at RF1 and RF2, and 330pF decoupling caps at the ACG pins.

Q2:  If I increse the blocking caps to say 10nF and the ACG caps to 3.3nF would I get better performance over the 10 to 150 MHz range?

Q3:  Is there any data for 0.1dB compression or Input IP3 below 100MHz or, if not, any guesses as to how the part would perform there?

Thank you, Mark

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