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ADRF5042 S-parameter data


Provided S-parameter files for ADRF5042 switch have incorrect touchstone format and couldn't be used with AWR MWO 2013. 

The solution is to correct Analog's files with appropriate text editor by inserting the new line character at each data line before the last pair of floating numbers. As I understood touchstone format unsupports data lines with more than 4 pairs of entries at each line? so extra data should be moved to the next line.

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  • Hi,

    I opened the spara files for ADRF5044 using AWR MWO 2013 and there were no issues. I didn't test the spara for ADRF5042 in other software but reviewing the spara for ADRF5044 with the text editor (i use notepad++) I've noticed differences between ADRF5042 and ADRF5044 in part concerning what i wrote in previous message.